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Dark Notion Pictures Logo Reveal

Freelance, July 2021

My buddy Jordan came to me with an idea for a logo revel for his new production company, Dark Notion Pictures. His instruction was to make a logo that resembles a screaming face with the style of an ink blot test.

dark notion.png

Check! I created this logo using watercolor on paper. Then, Jordan wanted me to make an animated logo intro for his next short film and make it bleed on like ink would do. 


I started playing around in Procreate and a few other drawing programs and I just couldn’t get the ink or watercolor brushes to work the way I wanted them to.


So I thought, how cool with it be to make this all with real paint?!


So I did just that. All the animation you see here are composites of black ink spreading out into water.


Here's my work station:  

Shooting paint

Here are some behind the scenes videos:  

You've got to check out the short film where this logo is first featured! It's called "Initiation" and I was Assistant Director on the film and I also make a small cameo ;)  Check it out here: 

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