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Hello! I'm Tessa Schutz


I’m a motion designer, editor and photographer based in Los Angeles. I am a creator, a storyteller, an action taker and the one who makes things happen. I thrive on creativity that’s positive and fun and I love to bring joy to those who see my work!

I’ve worked in media production for over 9 years as a film producer, editor, camera operator and photographer. Currently, I'm a freelancer!

Let's work together! Feel free to reach out if you have a freelance opportunity, want to collaborate on a project, or if you just want to discuss the best sourdough recipes.

Life is pretty good when you can do what you love, amiright?

Hey, it's me! (and some of my art)


Advanced 2D Animation (Advanced Motion Methods)

Knows how to structure animations according to geometric proportions found in nature, deal with complexity and create transitions. They can create time-saving animatics and effectively use match cuts. They are familiar with using rigs and expressions in their animations and also know techniques for good project planning, creating advanced transitions from scene to scene, and breaking down complex animations.

2D Character Animation (Character Animation Bootcamp)

Understands key character animation skills such as pose-to-pose, walks, runs, jumps, and throws. They are able to break down a scene, create a character performance, put actions together and can add personality to their animations.

Intermediate Illustration and Design Frame Creation

Has learned a mix of theory and practical tool usage that allow them to create illustrations for motion design pieces. They can complete illustrated storyboards based on client briefs, use textures effectively and create a mood using color. 

Principles of Animation (Animation Bootcamp)

Has learned the principles of good animation, and how to apply them to motion design in Adobe After Effects. The student has completed at least 70% of the rigorous 12-week online course, and their work has been critiqued by a professional motion designer as part of School of Motion's Teaching Assistant Program. 

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