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The Shady Brunch Logo Reveal

Freelance Work, 2021

This animated logo intro was created for the Facebook series, "The Shady Brunch." It's a brunch inspired cook off challenge where chefs compete to win this year’s Shady Brunch Championship.

My original plan was to have the waffle drop down as if it was being dropped on a plate 

(Either that or I just wanted an excuse to make waffles).

So I cooked up some sourdough waffles and recorded them falling in slow motion.

I then used that as a reference in the animation. 


Next, I created an animatic. The animatic is a rough animation without any easing or smooth movements. It's used to nail down the timing before moving on to the final details. 

As you can see in the final version, we didn't even use the dropping waffle. It was decided to make the waffle slide on to the screen instead. No big deal - at least I still got to eat waffles. 

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